Cryptocurrencies have already become a full-fledged alternative to fiat money. The crypto business has appeared relatively recently. Most countries have already introduced changes to their legislation to regulate this type of economic activity. In order to legally engage in the crypto business, you must obtain an appropriate cryptocurrency broker license.

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Process To Obtain Crypto License

To obtain a crypto trading license one must first select a jurisdiction and then collect some documents which include your information, after that you need to pay a state fee and wait for a cryptocurrency license Which gives you the option to get the crypto license in the UK, USA, Estonia and Malta.

Estonia processing time 7-14days.
0% tax on profit gains.
No annual license fee.
Availability of legislation for accounting declaration of crypto assets.
Highest number of licenses issued.
Malta processing time 1 – 3 months
First European country to adopt crypto legislation.
Prestige and worldwide recognition of the jurisdiction.
Progressive state approach to cryptocurrencies.
UK processing time 6 months.
Lower tax rate than in most countries
No restrictions on mining.
Ability to obtain UK residency.
Prestige and worldwide recognition of the jurisdiction.
USA processing time 30 days.
Foreign exchange services.
Background checks and the provision of prepaid access.